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Basic football betting terminology

HALF TIME HT – half time


During the time of the trial However, only 45 minutes will be counted, or the first half of the football language is called. Such bets are suitable for gamblers who like part-time football betting. Hate to win for a long time Play a short game Enough is enough


FULL TIME FT – Full Time


It’s a series of times as well, but FT will be a full-time match per 1 match, equal to 90 minutes, with gamblers choosing to bet on a particular team that they think will win.


ODD/EVEN O/D – Odd Even


It is a selection of bets by bringing the sum of the results resulting from both 2 groups of competitions, or briefly referred to as the combined scores of both groups, to choose whether to bet on even or odd, which will know the result of the bet when the competition is complete. Then, for example, a gambler chooses to bet on even numbers. and bring the whole result The sum of the other 2 groups is 2 – 2. That means the sum is 4. Predicting even numbers is equal to winning.




A gambler should have to choose whether to bet on high or low football. In which the results of losing, winning bets will be looked at from behind. At the end of the tournament, where does the ball score go? For example, if the player chooses to bet high at 0.5, it means that the selected team needs to score 2 goals onwards to win the bet.




It is betting on a group that is currently playing while betting. or that Thai football masters often call it as live football betting


MONEY LINE – ML Moneyline


Is a type of football betting that bets from predicting the results that occur from the match 1*2, meaning 1 = draw result 2 = visiting group wins, that’s all




Is a selection of football betting in advance, can choose to bet on a group that will compete today, tomorrow or the next day


TOTAL GOAL – TG bet on total goals


It is the player who chooses to bet on the total score of the match. Even fortunately, the bet matches the bet. It will get paid pretty well because the chances for a gambler to bet correctly are quite difficult. But if the positive result does not exactly match the bet That will lose all the money that will be placed on the bet


FIRST GOAL / LAST GOAL – FG / LG First goal, last goal


Is a selection to bet on the result of the group that will score the first goal or the last goal first goal = the first goal last coal = the last goal no goal = not scoring at all Gamblers will call this form of betting that Stabbing the team to score the first goal – the back door itself.




It is a selection of a step bet or a combination bet, able to bet from 03 pairs or more, which this form of football betting is the most popular in พนันบอลออนไลน์ players, with the water bill changing, multiplying more. The amount goes on and on depending on the amount of the group playing. However, there is a condition that the team that is stabbed should be correct every time. Because if it’s not just one match, you won’t get the money used to bet at all.

Gamblers choose high and low พนันบอลออนไลน์ to increase the chances of winning.

First of all, you must be aware that playing live พนันบอลออนไลน์ is a type of play that allows players to bet on football all the time. During the time of the tournament Which gives the opportunity for bettors to watch the game. along with consideration in advance


In principle, the analysis of football betting websites with a minimum bet of 10 baht, in this manner, suggests to look from the start of the game, the first tournament is 15 – 20 minutes, which if there is still no group scored Well, the odds are low, it is